Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I was there... (Metropolitan Premier Cup)

The annual u/19 Metropolitan Premier Cup took place this weekend and JCBA was there covering it.

Lets be honest the quality of the pitches (especially the A- Field) was to be frank atrocious, thankfully the quality of our youngsters soccer to a certain extent over shadowed that.

Thirty two teams 8 groups and some of South Africa's brightest young talent took part in this 6 day tournament (in its 26th year I might add). All fighting it out for the R35 000 purse but more importantly for the 24 winners medals on offer for the Champions.

The Opening Ceremony boasted A Rapper, A Beat Boxer, a Fire breathing act (including a fire Hoola Hoop Girl), a group of dances and a  fireworks display before a 0-0 draw between Ajax Cape Town vs ASD Cape Town. Interestingly these two met again in the semi-finals as well as Old Mutual Academy played against Sundowns FC.

The eventual winners was Ajax Cape Town against Sundowns FC by 1-0 and in turn retaining the title the won last year.

If you Gardens Commercial High School (GCHS) learners where seen your photo should be here, in the order of appearance.
Baydon Swaile Gr11 at GCHS

Yonela James Gr 11 at GCHS

Kyle Loubser GCHS previous Headboy
Dylan Jacobs GCHS previous learner
Damsley Jacobs GCHS previous learner
Navarone Jacobs GCHS previous learner
The Jacobs Triplets
Razario "Zorro" Forbes Gr10 at GCHS
Yunus Muller Gr11 at GCHS 
Ghiyaath Thys Gr10 at GCHS
Keanan Abrahams Gr10 at GCHS
Brady Sheldon Gr10 at GCHS
Jamie Brown Gr 12b at GCHS
Once again JCBA would like to congratulate Ajax Cape Towns u/19 youngsters for a quite remarkable tournament. 

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Moyes leaves Manchester United

Manchester United has announced that David Moyes has left the Club. (

The Club would like to place on record its thanks for the hard work, honesty and integrity he brought to the role.

 Giggs in temporary charge
Following the departure of David Moyes as manager, Manchester United has announced that Ryan Giggs, the club’s most decorated player, will assume responsibility for the first team until a permanent appointment can be made. The club will make no further comment on this process until it is concluded

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Manchester Derby Preview

Manchester United have endured a difficult season under new manager David Moyes (DM), and the visitors intend to continue the misery at Old Trafford. 

City come into the match as firm favourites and are currently six points behind Chelsea, so winning could possibly mean more for the Blue half than the Red... if that is even possible. What I'm saying is that United might not have a saying in winning the English Premier League (EPL) but they sure to have a saying in where the EPL trophy could end up, and it starts tonight. United will need no motivation but the reverse fixture in September where they lost 4-1 will be in the front of their minds, no doubt. 

For United Robin van Persie  (out with an knee injury), Antonio Valencia (doubt with eye injury) Nemanja Vidic is suspended. DM chose not to reveal whether any of his injured centre-halves Chris Smalling (hamstring), Jonny Evans (calf) and Rio Ferdinand (back) will be available, at his press conference though. 

For City Sergio Aguero (with a hamstring injury), while Matija Nastasic is also unavailable. Vincent Kompany returns after completing a suspension.

Expected starting XI :
De Gea,
Rafael,  Carrick, Jones, Evra
Kagawa, Fellaini, Fletcher
Mata, Young,

Expected starting XI : 
Zabaleta, Kompany, Demichelis, Clichy,
Milner, Fernandinho, Toure, Nasri,

Match stats via Opta:
*  Wayne Rooney has scored five goals in his last five games
in all competitions against City.
*  Manchester City have won four and lost one of the last five
EPL meetings with Manchester United.
* Manchester United have lost as many EPL home games
this season (5) as in the previous three put together.
* Manchester City have scored 3.2 goals per game in the
17 EPL matches that Sergio Aguero has played in this season,
compared to an average of 2.0 without the Argentine.
* Manchester United have lost all four north west derbies
in the EPL this season.
* Manchester City have lost none of their last eight EPL
games (W6 D2) keeping clean sheets in
three of their last four road trips.
There have been 49 EPL draws between the two
* Danny Welbeck has scored in each of his last three EPL starts at Old Trafford.
* Manchester United have taken more points away from home
 than any other EPL team this season (30),
but only 21 out of a possible 42 at Old Trafford.
* Yaya Toure has scored with nine of his 11 dead ball shots this season
(five penalties, four direct free-kicks).
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Friday, 14 March 2014

100th Official Post

This is what my blog first looked like way back in 2011
Exactly 3 years ago today I posted my 1st Official Post and I would never have believed that 3 years on I would be posting my 100th Official Post. That 1st post had about 30 visits (if memory serves me correct) and today the blogs visits count stands at more than 12000.

Recognition must go out to the two people that encouraged me to start a Blog namely my brother Aldrin Adams & his brother-in-law Glenn Petersen, without their encouragement JCBA SPORTSUNITED  would never have been (and yes they helped in naming it as well).

It's just poetic justice that both my 1st and 100th post deals with a Manchester United vs Liverpool FC fixture. Old Trafford is the scene this Sunday 16th March 2014. Undoubtedly the fixture both supporters look forward to most every season.

This season it's different though United find themselves with a point to prove and Liverpool are serious contenders to win the English Premier League (EPL) Title, and its normally the other way around. The defending champions also find themselves in the unfamiliar position of not being favourites even though they at home. Liverpool FC come to Manchester in a confident mood because not just because of their form but United have only managed one home victory and a draw against top 7 opposition and have lost there to Newcastle, Everton and Spurs.
You better believe there is plenty to play for, it's one of those fixtures no manager needs to motivate his chargers for. Talking about Liverpool  and their form the Merseysiders are yet to taste defeat in the EPL this year and with the S-A-S strike force that's second to none in Europe it doesn't bode well for the host. Don't get me wrong United are unbeaten in 4 and have now won 2 on the trot, so they not just going to lay down, especially not at home.
Key Men
Wayne Rooney and Captain Steven Gerrard for me will be crucial in this titanic fixture. It's true Manchester United/Liverpool play well if these two play well. Yes a team consists of 11 players but I'd be giving these two some special attention as both teams are littered with talent but the heart beat is Wayne and Steven no doubt.
It's a must win for both teams, with one eye on the London Derby (just after this fixture) probably makes this a "6 pointer" as well. Which way will it go? Your guess is as good as mine, but one thing is for sure, Manchester is and will always be RED.
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                                                                                                                   You see what I did there?

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

To RVP or not to RVP? That is the question!

David Moyes is faced with a mirror image of what his predecessor faced in March 2013. Both had a striker seaching for form with talk of being unhappy and both had Danny Welbeck to fill in.

Welbeck is once again putting his hands up but this time it's not Rooney facing the axe but rather Robin Van Persie.

Against West Bromwich Albion, bringing Van Persie off after 63 minutes at first glance looked like a precautionary measure, just after beign booked he was fortunate to not be off for a rash challenge on Reid moments before. With Liverpool next and Olympiacos FC, so David Moyes wouldn't want to face those without the Dutch maestro, would he?

But looking closely recently Van Persie has been a shadow of himself, missing chances that last season he put away with ease, he kind of had a stuttered effect on what ever United tried to acheive last weekend. United looked a different animal with Welbeck leading the line and had more bite in the final third as well as the fluency of old returned to United’s play all this after Van Persie had been replaced.

An interesting stat was that Welbeck and Rooney exchanged 7 passes in the 27 minutes they were on the pitch together, compared with 4 between Rooney and Van Persie in 63 minutes.
If we honest Van Persie was a Sir Alex aquisition and Rooney was well on his way out of Old Trafford. He isn't as much David Moyes talisman like (5 year extension) Wayne Rooney is and it shows in Van Persie's play.
Van Persie might just be one goal away from a run of many but I feel and keep feeling just that (maybe hoping) that every week.
What Moyes has to decide is whether or not he is what the team needs to go forward this season or for that matter the next.

So David what will it be To RVP or not to RVP?

Jade Christopher Bentley Adams(@jcba)

F1 2014: New rules explained

An article "All aboard the 'power train' - new rules explained"
by Andrew Benson Chief F1 writer
Formula 1 is introducing arguably the biggest set of rule changes in its history this season. Most affected are the engines as the sport goes further than ever before to embrace 'green' technology. But the appearance of the cars is changing, too. Here, BBC Sport highlights the key things to look out for in 2014.Engines, Ers and unreliability.

First things first, the 2.4-litre naturally aspirated V8s, which have been in use since 2006, have been replaced by 1.6-litre V6 turbos. After several years of a freeze on engine development, engine power will now be a performance differentiator again. And part of the new rules package is a fuel limit. Drivers will now have to complete races on just 100kg - or about 130 litres - of fuel. That's down from the 150kg or so teams would use last year, when there was no limit. Meanwhile, engines must consume fuel at no more than 100kg per hour. The fuel limit is not as draconian as it at first appears, though, so don't expect races to become an economy run.

The new engines don't use as much fuel for a start, while much more power is now available from the 'hybrid' technology, known as Ers. Ers, which stands for 'energy recovery system', is made up of the Kers system that has been around for a while and a second electric motor fitted to the turbo. The Kers system harnesses kinetic energy from the rear axle during braking via an electric motor to be stored in a battery pack reapply under acceleration. Last year, it was allowed to produce 60kw for up to 6.7 seconds a lap. This year, however, it can produce 150kw for 30 seconds. As for the second electric motor, that will harness energy from the turbo that would otherwise be wasted as heat.

The amount of energy that can be generated in this way is unlimited and can be either stored in the battery or used to accelerate. This electric motor also increases the efficiency of the turbo and can be used to ensure it works the instant the driver applies the throttle. In the past, turbo engines have always had a slight throttle lag - a delay in power while the turbo gets up to speed. This has been removed in these new engines. Drivers pushed a button to access the power stored by the Kers system, but the new Ers will be controlled by the engine management computer, so it means there is less work for the drivers to do. All sounds good, doesn't it? But there is a price to pay.
Such dramatic changes mean reliability will be a major concern, certainly at the start of the season. Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has said he believes failure rates in races could be as high as 50%.

U.G.L.Y. spells radical redesign

In addition to the changes to the engines, there are a series of changes to the cars. The effect of these will be to make the cars look different this year, even ugly.

It's been lowered by 415mm for safety reasons, to just 135mm above the floor of the car.
Coupled with a complicated set of dimensional requirements, this is likely to mean cars resemble a giant anteater. This has already been seen with the new Williams, the first team to reveal the complete look of their car. Teams could improve the appearance of the car by using 'vanity panels' that would smooth the shape of the nose but these add weight so designers will be reluctant to use them extensively. The idea behind the new nose was to increase safety in two ways. It will reduce the danger in incidents of T-boning, when the nose of one car hits the side of another, by making it less likely that the high nose of a car can hit a driver. And it will prevent a car from being launched into the air when it hits the rear wheels of the one in front.
It is not just the front nose that has been targeted by the FIA, which governs F1. It has also lowered the front of a car's chassis for the same reason. However, teams want the chassis as high as possible for the best under-car aerodynamics and front-suspension geometry. The rules dictate that the chassis in front of the driver must be 625mm above the floor of the car, and that the height of the front of the chassis by his feet - the front bulkhead - must be 525mm. But they do not define a minimum distance for the transition between these two heights. As a result, some teams have created a vertical 10cm wall immediately after the bulkhead, which might not be aesthetically pleasing to some, although there is always the option of using 'vanity panels' to cover the resulting 'step'.

The FIA is not happy about this, as it reduces the impact of its safety-related changes, and officials had been assured by designers no team would make the 10cm height change happen over as short a distance as some now have. There are other changes, too, all of which will have a significant impact on aerodynamics. The front wings have been narrowed by 150mm, the lower rear beam wing has been removed and the position of the exhaust has been moved. The narrower front wings mean it will be more difficult for teams to turn airflow around the outside of the front tyres, which will affect the entire car's aerodynamic downforce. The removal of the rear beam wing prevents teams joining up the different airstreams over the rear wing and through the car's floor, which will make rear aerodynamics more critical and reduce overall downforce.

Arguably most impactful, though, are the changes to the exhaust, which will end the 'exhaust-blown floors', which have been the defining technology of the last three years. Using exhaust gases to boost downforce was put to great use by Red Bull and was one of the central reasons for their domination of recent years.
Mandating a single, central exhaust pipe, which exits above the gearbox, means the gases can no longer be harnessed in this way.

Check the small print...

These seismic technical changes are joined by a series of tweaks to the sporting rules. Most controversial is the decision to award double points at the final race in an attempt to prevent championships being decided early. The proposal, dreamt up by F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone, follows the recent dominance of Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel, who has won the last four drivers' titles. The German claimed two of those last three championships with at least three races to go. There has also been a tweak to the penalty system. As well the introduction of a new five-second penalty for minor offences, points will be awarded on a sliding scale depending on the misdemeanour. Any driver who racks up 12 points in a calendar year will serve an automatic race ban.
It sounds dramatic, but no driver would have been banned had the new system been in place over the last few years - even Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado, who both had incident-ridden seasons in 2012.

Less controversially, drivers will now choose their car number for their entire career, although number one is reserved for the reigning world champion, should he choose to use it.

Pictures show most of the new cars for 2014 sourced by JCBA from various sources.
Watch video A guide to F1's 2014 rule changes and
‎Video - 2014 rule changes explained - Formula 1® - The Official F1 ...

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